How did I realize writing was my thing? I gave it a shot. When I was done, I wasn’t left with a masterpiece — but my soul breathed a happy little sigh letting me know I was on the right path.

Stephanie has always loved to lose herself in the world of fantasy and romance. Writing stories gave her the chance to explore new and exciting adventures. Ever since she was young, she devoured books that allowed the reader to choose their own adventure. When the endings didn’t satisfy her she found ways to reimagine those same stories in her mind. She feels lucky to now have that opportunity to do that with her own novels. Love and superpowers have always fascinated her – she dreamed of finding both as she grew up.

Luckily she has, with her husband and three children. Living in a storybook part of the world in New England, she gets to work on her passion for creating fantasy worlds, dreamy heroes and heroines, and writing kickass characters to entertain her readers. These days, you’ll find her with a cup of coffee writing in her office, curled up on the couch reading, working with aspiring writers, and enjoying time with her family.


Coming soon…