Second Chance for Mr. Alden

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Published: August 25, 2022
Length: Novel
Curvy Ever After #4

We could never coexist because we come from two different worlds.

I swore I’d never see her again. I made sure of it. But when I found her on my doorstep needing my help, I couldn’t turn her away.

My job now is to keep her safe, but she fights me at every turn. How can I do my job if she won’t follow the rules I set for her?

When her life is threatened, and we have to go into hiding, I have no idea how I’m going to protect my heart, much less her.

Just like when I left nine years ago, my feelings are too strong. In this business, feelings only distract—and distracted bodyguards get people killed.

I’d burn the world to the ground to keep her safe.

Fans of second chance romance will devour this Aladdin retelling.

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