Book Series: Curvy Ever After

Fake Dating Mr. Prince

I’m a CEO who lives like a prince. She cleans my office. We’re worlds apart, and she just brought me to my knees.

♥ ♥ ♥

I make no excuse for my playboy ways. I work hard, and I play hard.

I’ve been burned by what I thought was love. Now one night with a woman is all I can give. I won’t risk my heart again.

Then a mysterious masked woman with curves for days enthralls me. After the hottest night I’ve ever had, I want more. But when I wake up, she’s gone.

No names. No promises. My mind says forget her, but my body won’t listen.

When our paths cross again, my need for her hasn’t diminished. I can’t give her a real relationship, but the guise of one will give us what we both desire most.

A fake relationship will clean up my image and give her the connections she needs to jump start her business—though there’s no faking our scorching nights together.

Just when my feelings become real, my company is threatened, and she might be to blame. Was her coming into my life a devious plan to steal from me, or the innocent run-in she claims?

Either way, my company and my heart are on the line.

Surprise Baby for Mr. Fischer

All I’ve ever wanted is a genuine connection and a life of stability. She’s my first shot at both.

♥ ♥ ♥

I moved to Rhode Island to escape LA and relive the only positive memories I have from my childhood. I got so much more.

One passionate weekend with a curvy goddess turned my world upside down. I tried to forget her, but she dominates my thoughts.

Relationships have never been easy for me, but with her I’m willing to try. When I track her down, I discover that our weekend together produced more than happy memories.

But she’s unconvinced a relationship with me will work. For her, my career is a deal breaker. She values her privacy. I’m an actor, poised on the brink of success, with the paparazzi following my every move.

Just when I’ve persuaded her we can have our happily-ever-after, our world is publicly ripped apart, and she leaves me.

I refuse to give up on us, and I’ll do whatever it takes to win her and our unborn child back.

Taming Grumpy Dr. Beast

As first impressions go, it’s not looking good for this Beastly Billionaire Boss.

♥ ♥ ♥

Our disastrous first encounter left me cursing him six ways to Sunday—and stuck between two mechanized bookstacks in the archives at the university library. His monstrous impatience infuriated me and ruined my only chance to help my father.

Finding out this beast of a man is my new boss is bad enough. Being required to work on-site at his upstate New York mansion might destroy my last hope at saving my father’s business.

The more time we spend together, the more he reveals a side I never expected. I’ve spent my life hiding behind the pages, yet he opens my eyes to a world outside of books. I never allowed myself to dream of letting someone else take care of me—until him.

But I’m hiding a secret that could set fire to my carefully-crafted world, and he could be the spark that ignites the flame.

Fans of enemies-to-lovers romance will devour this Beauty and the Beast retelling

Second Chance for Mr. Alden

We could never coexist because we come from two different worlds.

I swore I’d never see her again. I made sure of it. But when I found her on my doorstep needing my help, I couldn’t turn her away.

My job now is to keep her safe, but she fights me at every turn. How can I do my job if she won’t follow the rules I set for her?

When her life is threatened, and we have to go into hiding, I have no idea how I’m going to protect my heart, much less her.

Just like when I left nine years ago, my feelings are too strong. In this business, feelings only distract—and distracted bodyguards get people killed.

I’d burn the world to the ground to keep her safe.

Fans of second chance romance will devour this Aladdin retelling.

Falling for Bossy Mr. Wolfe

When Ruby Holt, the determined owner of a beloved bakery, Red's Sweet Salvation, crosses paths with Grayson Wolfe, the successful CEO of a ruthless real estate development company, an unlikely spark ignites between them. But when Grayson's company announces plans to demolish the very building that houses Ruby's bakery, their newfound romance is put to the test. With only thirty days to save her business and her home, Ruby must decide whether to fight for her dreams or the guy she's falling in love with. Will love conquer all, or will the pressures of their worlds tear them apart?

Educating Arrogant Mr. Hunter

Once upon a time, there lived a lovely, curvy second-grade teacher who battled the heart of the hunter and won.

My life is spiraling out of control.

I didn’t expect to be a single dad. I’m struggling to raise an eight-year-old daughter without a mother and maintain my role as the CEO of the company I co-own with my best friend. My split responsibilities have broken our friendship. Now I’m fighting to save the business I worked so hard to build.

Nor did I think my daughter’s teacher could desire me as much as I desired her. We hate each other. She sees me as a heartless real estate tycoon, and I see her as a nosy annoyance who lost me millions. Yet, we can’t deny the magnetic attraction between us.

I won’t risk my daughter’s heart for someone I know won’t stick around, but the more I see of Wren’s passion, kindness, and dedication to her students—especially my daughter—the more my closed-off heart cracks open.

How do we move forward when I’m not ready to let go of the past, and she isn’t willing to risk her job to change the status of our relationship?

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