• You should probably fill out your Privacy Policy page. Here’s something helpful.
  • I still recommend using your landing page ( when you’re doing Facebook takeovers, or whenever you want people specifically to sign up to your newsletter, not just browse your website.
  • Your website still needs lots of copy (filler text)—and possibly a few blog posts—before it’s ready for readers’ eyes. Don’t forget!
  • You can and should use this page or another page to experiment with all the different kinds of blocks there are! PLAY!

Tutorials & Tips

  • If you choose to change the wording, the coloring, etc. on your embedded form (called “Website Form” on Mailerlite), then you’ll have to get the HTML code for that and re-paste it everywhere you have the form already.
    • Then search the code (Command F) for “max-width” and change that number to 1000 or above, so it stretches across your website.
  • If you want to have your form (or a new form) as a “show pop-up on click event,” you don’t have to add the first snippet (of the three) to your website. I’ve already done that for you.
  • The slider at the top of your homepage is very fun, and you should customize it to suit your needs as often as you like. I recommend starting a blog category (not tag) called “featured” or “slider,” then adding that category to the posts you want to show up on the slider. This is very easy to do by selecting “Quick Edit” when you’re looking at All Posts on your Dashboard.