Song of the Reaper

Her new school may be the death of her…

After blowing her audition at Juilliard, Lyra Piper’s dreams for her future are crushed. She has no choice but to map out a new plan for the next stage of her life. Forgetting about college, she focuses on getting a job, getting a handle on her anger issues, and playing in a rock-n-roll band with her sisters.

But her plans get turned upside down when her father gets a new job at Once Upon Academy. Now that she’s been accepted to a school she’s never heard of, she’s discovering fairytale creatures do exist and that her family is cursed!

If life wasn’t complicated enough, she also can’t stop thinking about her new reaping partner, Cole, who barely acknowledges she exists.

Weighed down by a curse and mourning the life she’d dreamed of having, Lyra struggles to fit in at a college that defies life as she knew it.

With the magic in Lyra’s blood singing at an unfamiliar and otherworldly pitch, can she figure out a way to survive coursework, a new social scene, and the part she was allegedly born to play?

Once Upon Academy: Volume 1

Welcome to Once Upon Academy, where fairytales are real and princesses really do have happily ever afters.

Once Upon a Time, in the realm of Fairytales, there is a little known school only the best are accepted to attend. The Academy is nestled deep inside the fantasy forest hidden in plain sight. When those who have not been invited in travel nearby, they see a normal school, brick and mortar but when the acceptance letter is received it reveals the beautiful estate for those lucky few to continue their college education in the magical world.

Join the descendants of classic fairytale characters as they navigate through their college lives at the prestigious Once Upon Academy.